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Kom igång


It’s strange how the mind so rarely can find satisfaction. Today I was so frustrated because it was cold outside and I was freezing. I felt nostalgic for the past summer and I wished it could be summer and sunshine soon again.
Then, I smiled when I remembered how I this summer hated the heat and wished for autumn to come quick. Winter or summer, heat or cold, I always find a way to be disappointed instead of appreciating the positives of my situation.
So, I wrote down five things I felt thankful for amidst the cold: my boots that are so warm, banana and peanut butter pudding, hot soup, the heat on the commute bus and my comfy bed waiting for me at home.

A simple shift in perspective and I immediately felt better.

Anyway, here are a few pictures I took this summer of some of the residents of the local public park.


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