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Picked an image and not much else

Today I picked the image that will be on the book cover of my novella. And apart from the laundry, it’s all I had the focus to do today. I don’t know why but I’m reaching a breaking point when it comes to managing my ADHD without medication. Even simple tasks seem daunting and it’s taking me days to find the motivation to do things that take 5 minutes. But hopefully it’ll be better soon now that I’m getting back on Strattera. I would have to anyway since I’m planning on going back to university and there is no way I’d manage without meds. I tried once and ended up with a massive burnout, so I’m not doing that again.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you both the cover and the book once it’s done. Can’t say exactly what day that will be since my brain is refusing to cooperate with my wishes at the moment. But I’d say hopefully within the next month. In April at the latest.

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      1. I know. Sometimes I’ve learned not to fight it, and to just do something active. As long as I’m getting SOMETHING done. I have a game with a time limit that I can switch back and forth if I’m working at the computer. That helps.

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