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Outdoor meditation on a beautiful Sól’s day

Today I was planning on doing more proofreading but my computer didn’t work this morning (I’m writing this post from my phone). It’s kind of an old piece of junk that I’ve been thinking about replacing for the longest time but I haven’t gotten around to doing it. I’ll see if I can make it work again later, otherwise I’ll have to take it for repairs. All my writing files are saved on a USB drive so I’m not worried about losing them but I’m bummed out about being slowed down in my work.

With this sudden change in my schedule, I decided to take the opportunity to go on a walk in nature and do some meditation. This beautiful Sól’s day was a sunny one and I thought it would be a shame to spend it indoors. I walked to the nearest lake and then went out into the forest.

For a while I walked around and pondered about the next scene I’m going to be writing in the novel. I find it helpful to imagine myself in different scenarios and think about what I would feel if I was in the same situation as the characters. I try putting myself in their shoes and feel their happiness, despair, boredom or whatever they might experience. This brings more soul into the things I write, I find.

Eventually, I came across a tree that felt like a good one to sit in and meditate. I do different forms of meditation depending on what my aim and needs are. Today I did silent meditation, as it helps me  return to myself and feel that simple contentment in just being.

Once I was done, I thanked the Goddess of the land for the forest and the trees and I returned home. It was a day well spent.


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