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Excerpt from chapter four – Seeking the Absolute in a blade of grass

Third post today. I’m home sick so I’ve been doing proofreading while I have the time. I just finished with the fourth chapter, which deals with worship, ritual, religious scriptures and the absurdity of fundamentalism. Here is a short excerpt:

Beside the many temples, rituals and festivals there were also many books and hundreds of founders of different religious philosophies. At all the places of worship except the Stormers, debates often raged about which one was the greatest.

“The Great Teacher’s Song is the pinnacle of Divine Wisdom,” one claimed.

“Teacher’s Song does has great wisdom but Mother Guru’s Speech is the literal Word of God,” retorted another.

“Word of God?!” Yet another protested. “No, The Book of Time is!”

The sage never participated in these discussions but liked to sit and listen to them. One day when a particularly intense debate was happening, a man lost his patience with Das’ silence and demanded to know:

“Which one do you think is the right one?”

The sage stroke his beard, looked up at the sky pensively and said:

“Every day I observe you trying to figure out who has grasped the teachings of the Absolute. And what I see is like a group of men standing in a field, each pointing at a blade of grass and arguing about in which one of them you can gaze over the field.”


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