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Excerpt from chapter six – To whom does the soul belong?

*Trigger Warning: mention of violence and sexual abuse.*

Chapter six is the longest chapter in Last Words of The Sage. Here the protagonist deals with several dilemmas, including whose side he should chose in a war where both sides are committing acts of great evil:

“But I am once again feeling lost, dear friend. For the first time in a long time, I am at a loss of what to do. Something I must confess to you: I didn’t start my journey to the north because I was following Death but because I was planning on joining the rebels. But then I saw our people stoop to the same level of evil as our oppressors. I saw a thousand old men impaled on stakes, women being rapes by hordes of soldiers, newborns being dashed against walls… What does one do, brother, when evil is on your left and on your right? Am I wrong for not siding with my own people over the people who have inflicted so much suffering upon us?”

“I too have often felt lost during these dark times. Such heartbreak it has been to see our people act so monstrously. But then I turned to Mother’s great peace and there I was reminded of my true self. In contemplation, in reciting the Holy Names, I remembered that the soul belongs neither to this or that people, to this or that side of the war, but to Mother alone. To Her should our obeisance be. Through quieting the mind, turning to Her Who Is It All, one’s duty will shine clear. Your path is illuminated before you.”

The sage reminds him that the soul does not belong to this or that people but to the Divine alone. One should therefore side with the good and oppose evil wherever it happens and whoever is doing the action.


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