Excerpt from chapter seven: Where is the Goddess?

Much of the seventh chapter is a dialogue between the sage and the protagonist, who at this point in the story has become an ascetic monk. The later is perplexed as to why his friend enjoys things in this world while knowing that none of them are the source of true happiness and contentment. The sage explains to him why he disagrees with the notion that one needs to shun the world and its every pleasure to have a relationship with the Divine.

”But what I believe is that our Goddess is not only present in austerities and charities but everywhere love is. Whether it is in the tender arms of a spouse, in the caring of a parent for their children, in the honesty of a salesman’s towards his clients, in the young man lifting heavy rocks and building his body to defend his people in times of war… Love and the service born out of love knows many forms and each servant’s path and duty is unique. Still, all of those paths lead into the Heart of Love, who is our Mother.”


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