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Freedom of religion is for Pagans too

Which a manager at a Panera Bread in Clairton in Pennsylvania seems to have ignored when she harassed and then fired a woman and her husband upon fiding out they were Pagans. Youtuber Ocean Keltoi (follow him btw, he makes great Paganism and Heathenry related content) made a video on the case:

Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. Many Pagans have to deal with ignorant and often outright hateful attitudes from fundamentalist Christians.

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  1. I worked for Panera briefly, and no, it is not known for even following its own guidelines. I had to sit through the training video which involved a whole section of workplace safety, including a bit where one of the video’s ”staff” was instructing us that if something was too heavy that we shouldn’t risk lifting it. Instead, we should fetch another co-worker to assist us in lifting the heavy object. I couldn’t lift a completely full 55-gallon trash bag out of the garbage can by myself, so I did exactly as the video suggested and enlisted help. The manager said that if I couldn’t do that part of the job by myself and other things like lift and carry a dish tub overflowing with dishes in one trip, I couldn’t work there.

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