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Stumbling upon an ancient grave

This morning I went out into the forest to do some meditation and seidr, when I saw this large pile of rocks up a hill. There also seemed to be a worn down stone path leading up to it.

I went up and looked more closely at this obviously man-made pile and wondered what it was doing here. The old stone path made me think perhaps there had been some building here once or that the rocks had been taken here from a construction site for whatever reason.

After looking around I found a sign informing passersby that these are the remnants of an ancient grave dating back 3500 years. The placement – up a hill with a view over a valley which was at the time a cove – suggests this must have been someone with a high social status, likely a political leader or rich merchant.

This seems like an ideal place to do utesitta, which is a form of seidr when you sit outside – often on top of a burial mound – and seek answers from the ancestors, spirits or Deities.

I’m looking forward to return to this place.


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