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Today is Mother Ocean Day

Today is the day we celebrate the Ocean and everything She gives us. All over the world, cultures have honoured the Divinity of the sea and given Her many names. In the Norse tradition, several Deities are associated with the sea. Freya is one of them as one of Her names is Mardöll, believed to mean ‘the one who makes the sea swell’. But the Goddess most associated with the seas and oceans is Rán.

Rán is giving, powerful and sometimes terrible. But without Her there would be no life on this earth. On this day, I say: Glory to Rán!

May we finally give Her the respect She deserves.

To honor the Ocean, I’d also like to bring attention to a non-profit project that’s dear to my heart: The Ocean Cleanup, which seeks to clean the seas and oceans from plastic waste:


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