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How long does it take for plastic waste to break down?

Yesterday, I was in the forest looking for things to use in the creation of an altar. Stuff like feathers, rock with special shapes, animal bones etc. I didn’t find much interesting but when I kneeled by a water stream, I saw something sticking out of the sandy bottom. I pulled it out and found that it was an old public transport card.

It said it was for the region I live in but I didn’t recognise either the company or the card. After doing some googling, I learned that Göteborgsregionen lokaltrafik stopped existing in 1999. The particular card design was used during the 1990s, so this piece of plastic could be up to three decades old. What was left of it was pretty sturdy too so it hadn’t broken down much.

But thirty years is actually pretty short when it comes to the lifespan of plastic, with certain types taking up to a millennium to break down. And when it does, it creates a whole new set of problems.

I just wish people who learn to pick up their trash and respect nature more.

On an unrelated note: I saw a beautiful roe buck during my search. So, that was pretty cool.


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