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Finding another ancestral grave

For the coming couple days I’m staying at my parents’ house and watching their pets while they’re away. Since I’m here I thought I’d take the opportunity to walk through the local forest like I used to when I was younger.

I wandered for a while and felt a little lost. A lot of the forest here has been cut down in the last ten years so it took me a bit to find a familiar path. But then I finally did.

When I used to walk these woods as a teenager, I never went off the beaten path. My sense of orientation wasn’t that great and I probably would have gotten lost. Now, I’m far better at noticing landmarks and finding my way in unfamiliar territory. So, I went to a part of the forest I hadn’t been to before.

I climbed up a hill and noticed a sign. When I read it, I realised I’d come across another Bronze Age grave.

I felt then that I needed to honour the ancestors buried her. So, I sat for a while and prayed to them as well as to Lord Freyr (whom I’ve felt a need to connect with lately. But that’s a topic for another post).

I might return here tomorrow or explore another part of the forest. We’ll see.

The burial mound


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