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To Mardöll

Shining Maiden,
Glistening over waters eternal,
My longing for You reawakens each summer

Mistress of waves,
Lady of seas and Ruler of oceans,
Before I could speak or walk, already You had enchanted me

Great Dís of light,
Your glory is known on every shore,
The one who sees You never forgets as long as he lives

And yet, I know that beyond the comforting sea shimmer,
There lies Rán in wait.
Her net is ready, She longs for corpses, to take the lives of men.
How many have not suffocated in the powerful bosoms of Her Nine Daughters? How many mighty men reduced in an instant to food for the fishes?

So when I see You, Mardöll, my heart fills with love and dread. I see Your darkness and Your light and I know You are greater than both.

”The Daughters of Ægir and Rán” by Hans Dahl.


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