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This year’s travel and climate compensation

This coming Thursday, I’ll do something I haven’t been able to do for over 1,5 years: travel out of the country. I’ll be visiting Prague, which I find particularly exciting since I’ve never been to the Czech Republic before.

Booking the trip was a very spur-of-the-moment thing when hanging out with a friend. We did take a cancellation guaranty in case there wouldn’t be a vaccine available when we travelled (this was about a year ago) but the spontaneous nature of our decision meant I didn’t think some things through which I usually take into account. Travelling eco-friendlier, for one.

My habit is to take the train when traveling longer distances, although I’ll occasionally fly when visiting family in other countries. This coming trip to Prague will also happen by plane. When I easily distractable ADD-brain remembered that air travel isn’t that great for the environment, I felt bad about it and wondered if there was something I could to compensate for the extra CO2 released into the atmosphere. That’s when I remembered about Climeworks, a company that removes carbon dioxide directly from the air.

I’d been meaning to get a CO2 removal subscription for a while but I always put it off. Now I felt spurred to finally get it done. It was about a year ago, shortly after booking the flight. After doing some calculations, I figured even after a year I’m going to need a more expensive subscription to remove the same amount of CO2 as the flight will let out per passenger. Plus I feel the need to make up for the emissions from previous air travels. So, I’m definitely going to keep using Climeworks. If one day I’m less broke, I’d also love to invest some money in this game changing technology.

Anyway, in five days we’ll travel to Prague. Both me and my friends have had a rough couple years and we really need a break. I’ll be posting a bit about what we’re up to while we’re there. Stay tuned.


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