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Making shaving less wasteful

Most razors sold in stores nowadays are either single use och have single use heads that are usually not recyclable. For a long time, I was searching for a less wasteful alternative and I came across some options.

The first and oldest no-waste razor is of course the straight razor or razor knife. But you need a skilled and non-clumsy hand to properly use this murder weapon-looking thing, so I’ve never bought one or attempted to use one.

A classic straight razor

The second, more common, option is the safety razor. Most of these razors can last a lifetime and the razorblades themselves are fully recyclable. Just put them in a metal tin and when it is full, close it, label it and leave it a your nearest recycling station.

My first safety razor

This was the first zero waste razor I tried but unfortunately I couldn’t make it work for me. I tried the recommended angle and just about every other angle but to no avail. Disappointed, I eventually gave up.

I also tried some electric razors but they either didn’t work well or didn’t give an close enough shave.

For a while, it wasn’t really an issue since I prefer to wear my facial hair long anyway. But I recently got a job where I work in a kitchen and for hygiene reasons, I had to start shaving again.

I started looking once more for a non-wasteful razor and that’s when I discovered pre-angled safety razors, sometimes called ‘hybrid razors’. There are a few models available on the market but the one I decided to buy is Supply’s Single Edge 2.0.

I got it in the mail last week and I’ve been using it since. My verdict: I love it!

The Single Edge 2.0 is easy to use, durable (has a lifetime quaranty!) and gives an efficient yet smooth shave. The starter pack I ordered comes with three different heads/shaving settings: sensitive, comfortable and ultra close. That way you can pick which one feels the best for you.
The started pack also includes a shave brush, a super smooth lathery shaving cream and a nice alcohol-free aftershave that doesn’t burn. All three products are completely vegan.

Another thing I love about this razor is that it uses injector blades, which are super easy to install.

There is only one thing I found disappointing: the shaving brush is unnecessarily large and didn’t fit in the brush stand I had at home. I suspect it won’t fit with most stands on the market either.

Otherwise, this razor has given me the best shave of my life and I can’t recommend it enough.

Ready for a shave

Btw, this razor is marketed to men but I see no reason women couldn’t use it too.

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  1. I’m very happy with my safety razor. I got it for the same environmental concerns some years ago. But I’m really intrigued to hear about this alternative option. Thanks for sharing.

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