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My top 5 favourite things about Prague

Not much happening today. Just taking short walks in the city, buying the last souvenirs to gift family and getting some rest in preparation for the journey home tomorrow. I really loved being here but I’m also looking forward to returning to my own city and my own bed. As a last post on this travel, I’d like to make a short list of my 5 favourite things about the beautiful city of Prague:

5. The desserts

I was curious to discover Czech cuisine, something I wasn’t particularly familiar with before. My verdict is that Czech food is good overall but it is in the desserts it truly shines. The pastries and cakes here are nothing short of amazing, such as this Old Czech pie I had at a traditional Czech restaurant and which was the most delicious thing I ate this entire trip.

4. The cute muskrats

Maybe a weird thing to put on the list but seeing those adorable muskrats during our guided boat tour was one of the highlights of our journey. I wasn’t able to get a picture so here’s a stock photo of a baby muskrat.

3. The museums

Okay, so I only went to one museum but I love that there are so many of them here. In certain areas there seem to be one on every street. There is such a great variety of subjects to, from art and history to special effects to a Museum of the Senses and even a museum of sex machines (the only one in the world). If I ever come back to Prague, I’ll definitely visit more museums and I’ll have plenty to choose from!

2. The cleanliness

One thing I quickly noticed is how clean the city is. There is very little littering and people actually use the trash cans that are available. Where I come from it’s not uncommon to see people throw their trash on the ground even when there’s a litter bin just a few steps away. I love that the inhabitants of Prague respect their city and fellow human beings and don’t treat the streets as a garbage dump.

1. The architecture

What else could possibly be on the top one spot? Statues and other historical landmarks are made with stunning and intricate detail, the sett paved roads are often laid in beautiful patterns and the famous buildings are breathtakingly gorgeous. Almost all buildings are beautiful, actually (with the exception of a few Soviet era style grey blocks). Even when walking on small back streets, one easily stumbles upon impressive works of architecture. Such as this synagogue I found this morning during a leisure walk:

The Jubilee Synagogue

I can’t make up my mind whether Prague or Paris is the most beautiful city I’ve been to. Let’s say it’s a tie. And I hope I’ll come back here one day and perhaps discover even more of the Czech Republic!


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