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Large scale mob violence happening against Hindus in Bangladesh

Tw: violence, murder, sexual assault, Hinduphobia

If you’ve been following the news about what’s been happening in Bangladesh you’ve probably heard of the mob violence, gang rapes, murders and temple desecration that has been carried out against the Hindu minority in the country. If not, then I encourage you to read more about it in this article.

There is a long history of violence against Hindus in the country. Since 1964, over 11 million Hindus have left Bangladesh due to religious persecution. But also other religious minorities, such as Buddhists and Christians, have and continue to suffer violence and discrimination.

ISKCON has created a petition urging the Bangladeshi government and the UN to bring justice for the victims and take action to protect the country’s religious minorities. Please consider signing it and help spread the message.

The petition:


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