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Rest in Peace, Andrea Meyer

I just now today found out that one of my favourite Pagan artists was among the victims of the terror attack that happened in Norway earlier this month. The names were released over a week ago but I’m kind of living under a rock when it comes to news and social media so I hadn’t heard about it.

Andrea Meyer was also known under her married name Andrea Haugen and her artist names Andréa Nebel, Nebel and Nebelhexë. She was a woman of many talents and created music as well as wrote poetry, fiction, opinions pieces and a book on Germanic spirituality called The Ancients Fire of Midgard. To many Pagans and Heathens, she will be best known for the Germanic Pagan themed folk music of Hagalaz’ Runedance.

In her memory, I’d like to share some of my favourite music of hers:

Rest in peace, Andrea Meyer. You are by Frigga’s side now.

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