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… works in mysterious ways.

It all started in the beginning of last week when I took my daily post-work nap and dreamt of a book project I’d abandoned years ago. Back then, I was a very different person and the thing that changed me happened while I was writing the book. The message I had intended the novel to have seemed not only no longer relevant, but the exact opposite of what I know believed. I tried to change the book and the ending but it felt like I was trying to finish a story someone else had started and it felt also, in the end, like a pointless endeavour.

I honestly never thought I’d work on this project again. But I’m very happy that I didn’t complete erase the files! Because, since last week, the inspiration has been pouring on me like rain and I think I will finish this book within a not too distant future.

And of course, I’m still working on the crime novel even if it isn’t my main focus right now.

I had a nice blueberry pie and hot cocoa after work today as a little celebration of all this sudden and well-needed inspiration.


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