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Contemplative living in the world

I recently started reading The New Monasticism: An Interspiritual Manifesto for Contemplative Living and in the preface I highlighted this passage because I find it captures the essence of what spiritual living can and should be:

I haven’t come very far into the book yet but I love what I’ve been reading so far and found it quite inspiring. A book like this one is something I’ve been looking after for quite some time. As someone who lives a life I’d qualify as ‘semi-monastic’, I’m eager to learn more about what it is like for others who are following a similar path.

This lifestyle is something I plan on writing about quite a bit, as I find there is very little out there about monastic and new monastic life from a Pagan perspective.

2 reaktioner till “Contemplative living in the world

  1. thanks for the book rec! you might enjoy Daniele Cybulskie’s new book ‘How to Live Like a Monk:
    Medieval Wisdom for Modern Life’ or Karina Blackheart’s ‘A Witch’s Book of Silence’.

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