A Song for Sunna

I went and had another walk by the sea today. The sun was already low when I came to the shore at around 2 p.m. and soon I found myself whispering an improvised tune to Sunna. Later, I wrote the words down and added a few extra verses.

The poem is in Swedish, which is unusual for me as I most often write in English. I’ll put the translation after the Swedish version. But just so you know, it doesn’t sound as good and also it doesn’t rhyme.

Sunna, Sunna, Sol-Sunna
Du högt över jorden trona,
I varje land och by och vrå,
människorna Dig ära.
Så varför, våran Sol-Sunna,
från oss har Du sådan brådska?

Se hur även Gudarna
Efter Dig så längta!
Hör Du hur Vidernas Njord ute till havs så vråla?
Hur Kust-Njord tyst under sina istäcken gråta?
Även Jord Den Starka utan Dig tvina,
Kall och vit, en gammal kärringsas
Hon utan Din värme bliva.

Och längtar inte Du efter att med Mardöll åter få dansa?
Se, Hon har glömt Ditt långa blonda hår
Din Brors silvriga lockar nu Henne omfamna
Kärleken som var Din har nu blivit en annans
Kom tillbaka, åh Sol-Sunna, innan mörkret segrat och Hon Dig för alltid glömma!

Sunna, Sunna, Sol-Sunna
Varför sådan brådska?
Stanna ännu en stund med mig
Innan Du försvinna...

Before I share the translation, I’ll clarify some things for people who aren’t familiar with Heathenry and might miss the meaning of the poem: Sol or Sunna is the Norse Goddess of the sun. Njord is the God of the sea and of the wind. Jord is the Goddess of the Earth. Mardöll is another name for Freya and likely means ‘sea-brightener’. The brother of Sunna is Mani, the God of the moon.

Sunna, Sunna, Sol-Sunna
You throne sits high above the Earth,
In every country, village and cranny,
The people honour You.
So why, our dear Sol-Sunna,
are You in such a hurry to leave us?

See how even the Gods
After You long!
Can You hear how Njord of the vastness is howling out at sea?
How Njord of the shore is crying silently beneath His blanket of ice?
Even Jord The Strong is withering without You,
Cold and white, an old hag’s corpse
She has become without Your warmth.

And do You not yearn to dance once more with Mardöll?
See, She has forgotten about Your long blonde hair
Your Brother’s silvery locks now embrace Her.
The Love that was Yours has now become another’s.
Come back, oh Sol-Sunna, before the darkness triumphs and She forever forgets about You!

Sunna, Sunna, Sol-Sunna
Why such hurry?
Stay another moment with me
Before you disappear…

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