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Reflecting on 1 year of Son of Freya

On the 25th of this month, it will have been a year since I started this blog. This has spurred me to take a moment and reflect on what has happened since then in regards to my spiritual journey and my writing.

When it comes to my spiritual life, I can see that two main things have happened. The first is a deepening commitment to the Lady Vanadís Freya. I was already devoted to Her then but my love has only grown since. My worship has shifted from a devotion to the Divine Feminine in general but with an extra focus on Freya to having Vanadís as the main recipient of my adoration. Today, I am a servant of Freya above all else and one of Her fulltrua.

Along with, and probably also because of, this there has also been another change: an increased focus on the Northern Tradition has opposed to the eclectic approach I used to have. Nothing wrong with Eclectic Paganism but it has become more important to me to help revive and preserve Heathen Scandinavian spiritual traditions, especially when it comes to the worship of the Vanir Deities. 

As for my writing projects, they are still going on. Sometimes slowly but always surely. I just reached 201 pages on my main novel and the other is at 140 pages. Oftentimes, I wish I had more time and energy for writing. But it is what it is when you have to work like everybody else. Still not giving up on my Wyrd, no matter what.

I’m also planning on doing some editing on my already published novella. There won’t be any major changes. I just feel like I need to rephrase certain things and perhaps add a few paragraphs to make the message clearer. And it will as always be free to read.

I’m looking forward to another year of blogging. A year where I expect to get 2 novel projects done and ready to send to publishers!


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