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Searching for Elven mills and finding witch’s butter

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the forest in the last few days. It hasn’t been great weather for nature walks – very grey and misty – but this is where I always go when nothing feels right. Due to a number of personal issues I won’t get into, my mood has been low and my inspiration non-existent, and the tranquility of the forest has brought me a lot of comfort.

Today, I went out in an area where I’d heard you could find what we here call ‘Elven mills’, cuped indentation carved into the bedrock. Some date all the way back to the Bronze Age. They are often found near where water flows and are believed to have had some religious purpose. Which one isn’t exactly clear but there were documented rituals on and near Elven mills up til the 19th century.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the mills today since I had to go home when the light rain turned into a heavier one. I’ll return soon, perhaps even tomorrow if the weather is better.

I did find what I think is gullkrös, or ‘witch’s butter’ as it is called in English. This bright yellow mushroom always looks so surprising in the dark of the forest.

From what I’m told, this mushroom is edible although it tastes bland. I won’t be trying it as I don’t trust my mushroom knowledge enough to eat any I find in the forest. It looks so much better brightening up the dead wood on which it grows, anyway.


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