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Kom igång

A Free Mind

I am nowhere-man
Not here-man
I’ve longed walked through empty streets at night
When the city sleeps
And the people cannot see me

In the daylight,
I speak the words they put in my mouth,
I dance the steps they tell me to dance,
I smile when they do and I frown when they do.
But do they know I’ve lost my mind?

For I have fallen in love,
The ground cannot catch me,
I fall endlessly,
Towards my love

If only they knew,
They’d say:
”Here is a man without a mind,
An empty-headed fellow,
A clown and a fool
An amusing sight”

For I have lost my mind
I have fallen in love
I have lost my mind
And regained my senses

Endlessly I fall,
Each night anew,
They never will know
How free I am
Behind that smile


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