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Swedish tax agency rules child cannot be named after the Fenrir wolf

Skatteverket, the Swedish tax agency which also for some reason is the government agency which decides what names people are allowed to have (is that a thing in other countries?), has denied a Södertälje couple’s demand to name their child ‘Fenri Sulven’. The two names together sound like ‘Fenrisulven’, which refers to the Fenrir Wolf of Norse Polytheism. The reason for Skatteverket’s decision was that the name could lead to distress for the child and considering that Fenrir is prophesied to bring on the end of the world, maybe they’re right.

You can’t name your child after this Wolf. At least not in Sweden. Artwork is ‘Bound of Fenrir’ by Dorothy Hearthy

Other names that have been rejected over the years are: Messias, Superfastjellyfish, Anarkia, Tottenhamn, Pilsner, HelloKillerz and my personal favourite Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssql-bb111163 (pronounced ‘Albin’).

Article in Swedish about Skatteverket’s decision.


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