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Life and health

About a month ago, I wrote about my goal of getting healthier after the surgeon who performed my gallbladder surgery warned me that I had a dangerous amount of abdominal fat. Many times in the past, I’d tried to lose weight. I’d do the counting calories thing and even fasted. I’d lose a little bit of weight and then regained it as soon as I’d stop dieting. So, I was cautiously optimistic when I began my latest weight loss journey.

But this time, it seems I’ve found the trick that works for me. I haven’t eaten less or exercised more. What I’ve done is cutting out fast carbs, not only sugary food but also things like white bread, white rice, potatoes, and pasta. It hasn’t been terribly difficult either because I haven’t really deprived myself, just changed what I put on my plate. And when my sweet tooth has created too much temptation for me, I’ve coped with sugarfree sodas and energy drinks. While they’re not exactly health beverages, they contain no carbs and no unnecessary calories.

The best thing is finally seeing results. I’ve lost about 5 kilos this month and my belly has gotten visibly more flat. I feel lighter – literally – and generally just feel a lot better.

When it comes to writing, it’s been a bit slower than I wanted. I’ve been quite stressed, which tends to stifle my inspiration. Tomorrow will be my first free day after eight days straight of work. It was supposed to be ten but the restaurant was able to take in more personnel so I was given the last two days off.

I hope to get my novel finished very, very soon. The inspiration is coming back, I just need to finally have the time to get it done.

Low-carb snacking by the river after another stressful day of work

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