Son of Jord and Njord

Yesterday I bought a soap with scent of the sea
It’s got real pieces of kelp in it and it feels like such luxury.

Today the sun shines and the cherry trees blossom above me,
as I lay in the park,
the one by the playground,
below that hill where the drug dealers sit in a old broken sofa that stinks of piss and beer.

I listen and
The birds sing in my ear,
As do the old worn-down trams.
The newer ones don’t come here because the kids throw rocks at them.
They’re not used to nice things and perhaps they fear them.

I close my eyes and I feel the cool of the Earth below me,
The heat of the sun above me
And the cherry blossom petals that fall on my chest.
I carry the scent of flowers and soil and sea.
I do not dream myself away,
I am at home here and wherever I go.


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