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Wanna see something cool?

In the Stampen neighbourhood of Gothenburg, there is a square called Odinsplatsen (Odin’s place). It connects several streets, among them Odinsgatan (Odin’s street), Friggagatan and Baldersgatan. You can see a theme here.

On the roundabout in the middle of Odinsplatsen, you can find some interesting things, like a large fountain and a fastfood joint with delicious burgers (Odins Parkgrill, founded 1959). But one of the coolest things you’ll find at Odinsplatsen are these sculptures, made by artist Björn Edsholm:

Who can this be but the eight-legged Sleipnir?
Not sure who this is. Loki in Their mare form, perhaps?
Geri or Freki?
Freki or Geri?

And they were carved with a chainsaw!

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