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TERF author admits she does not care about trans people’s well-being

//CW: transphobia, bigotry, TERFS being TERFS//

TERFs tell many, many lies. They say everybody who transitions really regrets it, that it doesn’t cure dysphoria, that HRT hurts your health etc. Many of those lies are told with the pretence of wanting to help, of being the only people who will tell you the truth.

All of that is of course bullshit. Gender dysphoria happens because you have a brain and nervous system wired to have a certain type of body that doesn’t match the one you were born with. It’s a biological thing that is immutable, unlike the form of the genitals which people see as the true marker of one’s gender.

But once in a while, a TERF let’s the mask slip and tells the truth: they don’t give a fuck if trans people are happy or not. A TERF author recently said many disturbing things in an online discussion, among others that her aim is to ‘reduce’ the number of trans people. But she also made this statement, which I think is very revealing:

“If you’ve got people – whether they’re transitioned, whether they’re happily transitioned, whether they’re unhappily transitioned, whether they’re detransitioned – if you’ve got people who’ve dissociated from their sex in some way, every one of those people is someone who needs special accommodation in a sane world where we re-acknowledge the truth of sex.”

First of all, trans people don’t ‘dissociate’ from our sex, like as a result from some sort of trauma. Our basic innermost biology doesn’t match the rest. That’s it. The dysphoria we feel can cause dissociation but it’s not dissociation in itself. Her aim here is to make people think dysphoria happens because of mental illness and that trans people’s experiences of ourselves therefore cannot be trusted.

Secondly: notice how she says that trans people are an inconvenience because acknowledging our existence puts into question and changes the way we talk about physical sex. TERFs and conservatives alike have a hissy fit every time medical professional use trans-exclusive language, like when they acknowledge that trans men and certain non-binary people can be pregnant. It bothers them that the world is apparently more complex than they’re comfortable with. They want us to not exist simply because it confuses them, and that is pure selfishness on their part.

Thirdly, and this is the thing that really surprised me: she straight out just tells the truth! She says she does not care if people are happily transitioned. She does not care if transition improved every aspect of a person’s life, if it made them feel okay in their bodies or if it saved them from suicide. That means nothing to her, because every trans person’s existence is an inconvenience to intolerant cis people like her.

TERFs will try to groom trans men and transmasculine people, especially young ones, into thinking they want to help you, save you from yourself. I know, I’ve been there. But they do not care about you. Just like they don’t really care about the cis women they are trying to ‘save’ from trans women and transfeminine people existing alongside them.


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