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A monastery in rural France

I am currently in France to visit family and today we were in one of the most beautiful parts of the country: Auvergne. We were there to visit my dear grandfather’s grave and on the way back, we stopped by a well-known monastery in the region: the Notre-Dame-de-l’Hermitage nunnery and sanctuary. Here are some photos:

The way to the viewpoint
The chapel
A Catholic saint. I don’t know which one.
Statue of Mary-Magdalene hidden beneath a boulder
On the boulder: inscription in Latin, from 1667
The main building, erected in 1669
The nuns’ garden och chickens
Another chapel
The water from this source is believed by many Catholics to have miraculous properties. People come from all around to bottle it.

Even with the many visitors and the tourists staying at the hostel inside the monastery, the place is so incredibly calm and quiet. The spot is so idyllic for meditation and a simple, contemplative life close to nature. I dream of seeing a Polytheist version of such a sanctuary away from the noise of our modern consumerist society.


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