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Actually, no

Every day I wrestle with myself, trying to manage the anxiety I feel about the upcoming election. I make plans in case of the worst case scenario. Plans of taking my savings and starting anew in another place. Which I’ll still do if things get really bad and there is a serious threat to my safety and life.

Yet, I also want to fight. I don’t want to let the fascists get their way without protest. I’m thinking about the people who can’t just up and leave. People who are sick, disabled or simply don’t have the means. Are we supposed to leave them behind with a far-right government who despises those it sees as different and weak? Can I really live with myself if I don’t at least try to fight for what’s right, right here, before I run off?

I’m worried and quite frankly afraid over how things are going, with how normalized bigotry and hate have become. But I also realise they’ve become normalized because people have allowed it to happen. I keep thinking: people need to say: No, no more! And, well, I’m people too, aren’t I?

Despite what the Sweden ‘Democrats’ think, I’m people too.

I still have an escape plan and I’ll continue saving for a day when I must leave or perish. Until then, I’ll try being as brave as I can (may the High Ones give me strength!) and keep being among those who say no.

The first step was finally joining a progressive party today: the Green Party of Sweden. I plan on getting politically involved soon and continue to be even if the left wins the upcoming elections. The threat to democracy will not go away anytime soon and even in better times, we’ll need to keep fighting and never take basic humans rights for granted.


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  1. I worry about that a lot. I have things documented in a folder so if something happens to me. Here in the United States, Democrats are the party of the left, and Republicans have become increasingly more aligned with the far right such as you’re describing for Democrats.. (I’m actually running as a Democrat, but it’s not in any way affiliated with the far right.).

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