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Sadness – but also hope

The Swedish elections are nearly over. A few districts’ votes have yet to be counted but since the last votes to come in are from the Swedish nationals living in foreign countries – a group which is majority upper-clas and right-wing – the results will likely remain the same: Sweden will now have a right-wing government. Not only that, but the strongest right-wing party in the coalition is no longer the conservative Moderates but the extreme-right Sweden Democrats.

This is the result I feared. I am not surprised by it. Sweden has changed a lot in the last four years. People are far more close-minded and cold hearted compared to how they used to be. Or used to appear. Maybe they were always this hateful and were just waiting for the right conduit for their intolerance.

I am deeply saddened by how things are going in this country. But I also have hope. We have a strong opposition. The voting results were incredibly tight, with less than one procent differentiating between the left-center and the right-wing coalitions. A lot of Swedish people do not want the far-right in their government and voted against it.

Sweden also has a strong and highly militant anti-fascist movement compared to other countries. It seems to have gone a bit dormant in the last years, at least in my city, but we are many willing to fight and give the fascists hell. Already today, we will go out and protest against them. We will waste no time and we will fight against the hate.

Hopefully, we will still have a democracy in 4 years. But we will have to fight for it.

The results of the elections as of now. The left-center coalition (top) vs the right-wing coalition (bottom). The latter leads by one single mandate.


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