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Fun fact: Dylan Sprouse is a Heathen

I was mindlessly scrolling social media, as I far too often do, when I stumbled across a video mentioning that Dylan Sprouse, former Disney Channel child star, now runs a mead brewery. I noticed that he was wearing a Thor’s hammer in the photo. Curious, I did some web searching and learned that he’s been a Heathen since he was fifteen.

It’s funny, I never considered the possibility that anyone famous could be a Heathen. Our religion seems so… obscure? A lot of people don’t even know we’re still around. It’s kinda cool that more people could take an interest in our faith when they learn someone they admire is part of it.

Dylan did an interview with Vice a few years ago where he talks about his religion and his brewery and how they intersect. I love this particular quote:

“For me, and for many Heathens…I don’t think you ever really divorce yourself from your spirituality, what you are is your spirituality, and a lot of the times the things that I do are spiritual in nature just because I’m doing them.”



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