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Another proof that ”cancel culture” does not exist.

Conservatives will have you believe that saying things that are offensive to minorities will have you ”cancelled”, that social justice activists will drive you from your home and get you fired from your job. They want you to live in fear that trans people are everywhere ready to ruin your life if you so much as use the wrong pronouns by accident even once.

But all that is a lie. Being racist or homophobic is pretty accepted in most social settings and offending trans people will most definitely not ruin your life. J.K. Rowling is still filthy rich and one of the world’s most successful writers, and Dave Chapelle just won a fucking grammy.

Dave Chapelle is known, among others things, for using a trans woman’s suicide to claim she did it over ”being cancelled” by trans activists. The reality was that she was devastated over losing custody of her child.

Because, it bears repeating, nobody is being cancelled. Especially not for transphobia, which might just help you win an award.

On a more positive note: Kim Petras and Sam Smith also became the first trans and non-binary artists to win a Grammy!



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