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Swedish authorities are okay with causing child abuse – as long as it doesn’t happen on Swedish soil

Twelve-year-old Duaa was born in Sweden and has lived her whole life in the city of Gällivare. Her mother came here from Pakistan to flee from forced marriage, but Duaa has never been to her mother’s homeland and doesn’t know the language. Yet, Swedish authorities have decided to deport her to Pakistan.

The flight is already booked and if the order is carried out, Duaa and her mother will be forced onto the plane on monday the 13th and kicked out of the country. So, time is of the essence. A petition has been created to protest their deportations and can be found HERE.

In Pakistan, Duaa is at risk of being married off since child marriage is very common in the country. That Swedish authorities are treating a twelve-year-old child as a criminal and are ready to send her to a life of oppression and abuse is absolutely inhumane.


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