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Book done!

Today I wrote the last page of the 151 pages long novel I wrote and which is inspired by my experience as a trans person in Sweden. To celebrate, I had a slice of pie at Fröken Olssons Kafé, one of Gothenburg’s cosiest cafés.

Compiling lists of publishers and literary agents while I enjoy a slice of lemon meringue pie

I’m going to work the coming week on proofreading and editing. I’m planning on having it ready by next week-end to send to publishers and literary agents for consideration.

This has been a difficult book to write at times. It required digging up a lot of pain and frustration accumulated over the years. But it was well worth it and it feels especially important in the current political climate to get out trans stories by trans people.

As for the crime novel, I still haven’t found a publisher for it. I’ll be working on and off with the sequel, which I’m not sure I want to focus too much energy on while I haven’t even gotten the first book published yet.

So, I’ll be mainly working on a new project in Swedish. Writing in one of my native languages gave me a lot of new inspiration and I want to see where it takes me.



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