A monastery in rural France

I am currently in France to visit family and today we were in one of the most beautiful parts of the country: Auvergne. We were there to visit my dear grandfather’s grave and on the way back, we stopped by a well-known monastery in the region: the Notre-Dame-de-l’Hermitage nunnery and sanctuary. Here are some photos:Fortsätt läsa ”A monastery in rural France”

The Church of Sweden has officially apologised to the Sami people

This is technically old news since it happened back in November, but I only heard about it yesterday: Sweden’s national church has issued an apology for its participation in the oppression of Sami people. You can read the English translation of the transcript here. At the bottom of the page, you can also find versionsFortsätt läsa ”The Church of Sweden has officially apologised to the Sami people”

Human rights hero Desmond Tutu has passed away

It is greatly saddening to hear of the passing yesterday of former Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He was a lifelong champion for human rights and against all forms of bigotry. Most known for his fight against apartheid – for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – he was also a proponent of women’s rightsFortsätt läsa ”Human rights hero Desmond Tutu has passed away”

Not everything is Christian baggage

In this blog, I don’t often bring up things I’m annoyed by or critical of in the wider Pagan/Heathen community. It’s not that I don’t think such things should be discussed. I’ve just preferred to put my time and energy elsewhere. But there is something that has been grinding my gears for so long thatFortsätt läsa ”Not everything is Christian baggage”

Conservative Christians believe LGBTQ+ rights are a personal attack against them, study shows

Also: water is wet. But seriously, don’t you think LGBTQ+ people have more important things to think about than make bigoted Christians felt butthurt? Conservative Jesus devotees don’t think so, apparently. As the study shows: ”They weren’t worried about a real-life threat to their livelihoods, rather a broader threat to ‘their ability to instil andFortsätt läsa ”Conservative Christians believe LGBTQ+ rights are a personal attack against them, study shows”

Hellenic symbolism in Lil Nas X ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’

Few music videos have stirred up more controversies in recent years than Lil Nas X latest. The plot features the singer being tempted by a snake in a garden, riding a stripper pole down to hell and giving Satan a lap dance (among other things). Much of the outrage as being coming from fundamentalist Christians,Fortsätt läsa ”Hellenic symbolism in Lil Nas X ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’”

Freedom of religion is for Pagans too

Which a manager at a Panera Bread in Clairton in Pennsylvania seems to have ignored when she harassed and then fired a woman and her husband upon fiding out they were Pagans. Youtuber Ocean Keltoi (follow him btw, he makes great Paganism and Heathenry related content) made a video on the case: Sadly, this doesn’tFortsätt läsa ”Freedom of religion is for Pagans too”

Conservatives in Alabama are so afraid of people not being Christians that they made yoga illegal

For 28 years, the practise of yoga in schools has been illegal in Alabama. Not even the physical postures are allowed to be taught, although they are only a small part of yoga. The reason is that they fear children will learn about Hinduism and end up becoming Hindus. The law also puts yoga posturesFortsätt läsa ”Conservatives in Alabama are so afraid of people not being Christians that they made yoga illegal”

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