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New addition to the altar

In addition to the statue of Freya, there is now one of Frey on my altar. I got it from this Etsy store and I’m very happy with my purchase 🙂

Knowing Freya. Part 3: Her Brother

How does one even begin to speak of Freyr, this great Lord of peace, abundance and growth? He gifts humanity with all that gives pleasure and joy. Of Him, Týr said in the Lokasenna: ”Freyr is best of all the exalted Gods in the Æsir’s courts:no maid he makes to weep,no wife of man,and fromFortsätt läsa ”Knowing Freya. Part 3: Her Brother”

Praise Odin, the All-Father

Odin isn’t a Deity I’ve prayed to or worshiped a lot in my Heathen path (heresy, I know). Perhaps it was the whole Father thing that reminded me too much of the Christian God or maybe it’s because I’ve always been more drawn towards female Deities. But lately, I’ve come to feel a need toFortsätt läsa ”Praise Odin, the All-Father”