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Knowing Freya. Part 9: Brisingamen

The Norse Powers and Deities are described has having a number of fascinating objects. Odin has a magic spear that never misses. Frey has a sword that fights on its own. And who can forget Mjölnir, Thor’s mighty hammer which both crushes Jötunn skulls and blesses weddings? But few objects in Norse lore are quiteFortsätt läsa ”Knowing Freya. Part 9: Brisingamen”

1500 years old gold treasure found in Denmark

And a depiction on one of the artefacts could very well be Odin:

Haikus about the runes: Fehu

Gold I not care forFehu, wealth, is friends and kinSilver leads to strife The first letter of the Futhark alfabet, the rune Fe or Fehu is associated with wealth and the fertility Deities Freyr and Freya. To the Norse, wealth meant plentiful harvest and much cattle. Many people in today’s Western world might instead associateFortsätt läsa ”Haikus about the runes: Fehu”