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Arthur Eddington on the mystical experience

Interesting quote by physicist Arthur Eddington on the truth revealed in the mystic experience. From an academic book I’m currently reading, and quite honestly struggling with because it’s very intellectually challenging.

Just going to take a quick look…

is what I told myself when I walked into the bookstore while running errands. I ended up spending 477 kr (around 55 dollars) on books. See, this is why I usually stay away from bookstores and stick to ebooks. Anyway, this is what I got: Particular looking forward to reading this one. I’m a bitFortsätt läsa ”Just going to take a quick look…”

The selfless sacrifice of Maximilian Kolbe

I’ve been reading a lot about Catholic saints and monasticism lately. Not planning on converting to Catholicism, don’t worry. The reason is actually that part of the novel I’m writing takes place in a Benedictine monastery and I want to be accurate as I can about the topic. Catholic monasteries are often named after aFortsätt läsa ”The selfless sacrifice of Maximilian Kolbe”

Ingwaz – Blood into Ink

There is a wound in me,One of manyBut this oneRuns deeper than all others There is a well in me,Which stretches down into the earthAnd from which the waters of my blood flow Who can stop the rushing tides?Who has the power to halt the currents from continuing their course?There is One. But She said:”ChildFortsätt läsa ”Ingwaz – Blood into Ink”