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Kom igång

Time moves differently…

in the woods. Oftentimes, I’ll take a long walk in the forest and when I return I’ll feel like three or more hours have passed. But when I look at the clock, I’ll see it’s only been an hour or so. I find this odd, as time usually feels slow when you’re not having aFortsätt läsa ”Time moves differently…”

Just going to take a quick look…

is what I told myself when I walked into the bookstore while running errands. I ended up spending 477 kr (around 55 dollars) on books. See, this is why I usually stay away from bookstores and stick to ebooks. Anyway, this is what I got: Particular looking forward to reading this one. I’m a bitFortsätt läsa ”Just going to take a quick look…”

New horizons

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the only place I ever really feel at peace: the forest. I went there on that particular day to pray for blessing in a new writing project but it also gave me some time and much needed peace and quiet to reflect on where to go nextFortsätt läsa ”New horizons”