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One tram change, 11 years of life

The place I work at right now is rather fancy and caters mostly to the upper-class, including the super rich. Like the kind of people who – I kid you not – owns a different luxury sports car for each day of the week. I’d known before that this obscene amount of wealth existed evenFortsätt läsa ”One tram change, 11 years of life”

Haikus about the runes: Fehu

Gold I not care forFehu, wealth, is friends and kinSilver leads to strife The first letter of the Futhark alfabet, the rune Fe or Fehu is associated with wealth and the fertility Deities Freyr and Freya. To the Norse, wealth meant plentiful harvest and much cattle. Many people in today’s Western world might instead associateFortsätt läsa ”Haikus about the runes: Fehu”

Why is YouTube helping the spread of fascist propaganda in Sweden?

For a while now, I and many others in Sweden have been spammed with content from a new alt-right channel every time we get on YouTube. I’ve clicked ‘hide this ad’ every single time and checked in that I don’t want to see this channel in my suggestions anymore. To no avail. Time and timeFortsätt läsa ”Why is YouTube helping the spread of fascist propaganda in Sweden?”