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A correction about the first trans person to win a Grammy Award.

In a post about the recent Grammy Awards, I had written that Kim Petras was the first trans artist to win one. While Petras is the first openly trans artist to win, there was another trans artist before her: legendary electronic music composer Wendy Carlos. You’ve likely heard at least one of her compositions, sinceFortsätt läsa ”A correction about the first trans person to win a Grammy Award.”

Obsessed with this song: Raven brings runes

The Nordic Animism channel (which you should definitely follow!) released a music video on Sunday. Raven brings runes is the result of the collaborations between different artists and speaks of the connection between humans and humanity and nature. Such an important message in our time:

France sends song about witches dancing in the wild to the Eurovision

Eurovision week is finally here! I’ve been looking forward to this since the last one but I’ve yet to check out all the songs of this year. Less than an hour before the first semi-finale, I decided to look up what song France was sending this year. Turns out it’s a song about witches performingFortsätt läsa ”France sends song about witches dancing in the wild to the Eurovision”

I am obsessed: ‘Brunhild’ by Saltatio Mortis

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Pagan and Pagan themed metal. Old and newer favourites like Amon Amarth, Brothers of Metal and Eluveitie have dominated my playlist. I also just recently discovered the German medieval metal band Saltation Mortis. They have so many awesome songs, many which have Germanic Pagan themes. Of them,Fortsätt läsa ”I am obsessed: ‘Brunhild’ by Saltatio Mortis”

Sankta Lucia Day

Today is the 13th of December, which means it’s one of Sweden most beloved holidays: Saint Lucia’s Day. The official story is that it’s the celebration of Saint Lucy of Syracuse but there is some evidence the tradition also has pre-Christian elements. Many legends about this particular night exist, including the story of a mysteriousFortsätt läsa ”Sankta Lucia Day”

A haunting story song for Spooktober

Following the tragic death of Andrea Meyer, I’ve been listening to a lot of her music on YouTube. As a result, I’ve been getting a lot of new recommendations of Heathenry themed music and this has lead me to discover the Danish band Myrkur. Today I’d like to share one of my favourite songs ofFortsätt läsa ”A haunting story song for Spooktober”

Rest in Peace, Andrea Meyer

I just now today found out that one of my favourite Pagan artists was among the victims of the terror attack that happened in Norway earlier this month. The names were released over a week ago but I’m kind of living under a rock when it comes to news and social media so I hadn’tFortsätt läsa ”Rest in Peace, Andrea Meyer”

A beautiful song about following Odin

Just three days ago, I wasn’t familiar with the Swedish Viking metal band Månegarm. I don’t know how I’ve never heard of them before but I’m so happy this song popped up on a Heathen play list I was listening to on Spotify: It feels special to hear Heathenry themed music in my own nativeFortsätt läsa ”A beautiful song about following Odin”

Praise Odin, the All-Father

Odin isn’t a Deity I’ve prayed to or worshiped a lot in my Heathen path (heresy, I know). Perhaps it was the whole Father thing that reminded me too much of the Christian God or maybe it’s because I’ve always been more drawn towards female Deities. But lately, I’ve come to feel a need toFortsätt läsa ”Praise Odin, the All-Father”

Hellenic symbolism in Lil Nas X ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’

Few music videos have stirred up more controversies in recent years than Lil Nas X latest. The plot features the singer being tempted by a snake in a garden, riding a stripper pole down to hell and giving Satan a lap dance (among other things). Much of the outrage as being coming from fundamentalist Christians,Fortsätt läsa ”Hellenic symbolism in Lil Nas X ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’”