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It is done!

The novella is officially finished. I just wrote down the last sentence a few minutes ago. Now all that remains to do before I release it is editing and finishing the ebook cover design. I might publish a print version too, eventually. I just need to look through different self-publication alternatives and redo the formattingFortsätt läsa ”It is done!”

Picked an image and not much else

Today I picked the image that will be on the book cover of my novella. And apart from the laundry, it’s all I had the focus to do today. I don’t know why but I’m reaching a breaking point when it comes to managing my ADHD without medication. Even simple tasks seem daunting and it’sFortsätt läsa ”Picked an image and not much else”


I had set the goal of finishing the second-last chapter of the novella over the weekend and I almost did. Just a few paragraphs stand in the way. Problem is I can’t make up my mind on how to finish the chapter. I tried getting it done today but was all out of inspiration. CompleteFortsätt läsa ”Almost”

A small excerpt

Currently, I am working on two writing projects. The longer one is a crime novel that I hope one day will get published and help me make a living as an author. It’s not something I’m writing purely for money. If I wanted to get rich, I’d chosen a different path. But it is aFortsätt läsa ”A small excerpt”