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Searching for Elven mills and finding witch’s butter

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the forest in the last few days. It hasn’t been great weather for nature walks – very grey and misty – but this is where I always go when nothing feels right. Due to a number of personal issues I won’t get into, my mood has beenFortsätt läsa ”Searching for Elven mills and finding witch’s butter”

A rainy Pride

Today was the first Pride parade in my city since the pandemic. Being fully vaccinated, I thought about joining but the group I had planned to go with were not present this year so I decided to watch from the sidewalk instead. It was a shorter parade compared to most other years. A lot ofFortsätt läsa ”A rainy Pride”

Haikus about the runes: Haglaz

Terrible haglazStones of ice fall from the skyStrike the Earth with fear The ᚺ (or ᚼ in the Younger Futhark) rune is called haglaz, meaning hail. It stands for the h sound. One mention of hail in the myths is in relation to the world tree Yggdrasil, which is said to stand in a showerFortsätt läsa ”Haikus about the runes: Haglaz”