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Some recent and fascinating Norse archaeological finds

There have been some very interesting archaeological finds related to the Norse faith recently. One of them is this golden disc found during an excavation in Denmark: This one is particularly important as it has the oldest known runic inscription mentioning Odin. The runes state: ”He is Odin’s man”, likely referencing a ruler of someFortsätt läsa ”Some recent and fascinating Norse archaeological finds”

Haikus about the runes: Logur, the water rune

Child, be like waterFor logur is powerful,breaks mountains by touch The l-rune ᛚ is called logur, meaning ‘water’. It is associated with all things we associate with water: softness, flow, multifacetedness and flexibility. As Lao Tzu, a great spiritual teacher from another tradition (Daoism), taught: softness is seen as weak by many but is inFortsätt läsa ”Haikus about the runes: Logur, the water rune”

Haikus about the runes: Bjarkan

Wind rustling through leavesThe birches are whispering‘bout a sacred rune The b-rune is in Old Norse called bjarkan, meaning birch. It is associated with growth and rebirth of life.

Haikus about the runes: Tiwaz, rune of the God of war

Tiwaz is Týr’s spearI invoke the mighty GodThe one-handed Lord The t-rune is called Tiwaz and is associated with Týr, the God of justice and war. Its shape is supposed to remind one of a spear. It was often carved into weapons, as a prayer to Týr to grant victory in battle. Týr is knownFortsätt läsa ”Haikus about the runes: Tiwaz, rune of the God of war”

Haikus about the runes: Ár and Jera, runes of plenty

Plenty’s been givenGenerous jera grantedLet’s rejoice and share ᛅ or ár (ᛃ or jera in the Elder Futhark. The Old Norse of the Younger Futhark had no j-sound) is a rune whose name means ‘plenty’ or ‘good harvest’. Speaking of enjoying the Earth’s gifts: it’s strawberry season here in Scandinavia and I’m thoroughly enjoying itFortsätt läsa ”Haikus about the runes: Ár and Jera, runes of plenty”

Haikus about the runes: Nauðr

Hasten to the callNauðr says there is much to doChild, stand up and fight! The n-rune ᚾ is called nauðr, meaning need or distress. Meditating on this rune can conjure thoughts of personal suffering and longing. But it can also be a reminder of the needs of others and one’s responsibility to lend a helpingFortsätt läsa ”Haikus about the runes: Nauðr”

Haikus about the runes: Úr and Thurisaz, rain and thunder

ÚR Days of summer rainÚr gives respite from the heatTo the sons of Earth Úr (rain in Old Norse) is the second letter of the Futhark. It is associated with water and particularly rain. Thurisaz Lightning shakes the EarthThunderer has struck againLord Thor rages on Thurisaz is the third letter of the Futhark and theFortsätt läsa ”Haikus about the runes: Úr and Thurisaz, rain and thunder”