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A book too shocking for its time: ‘Matilda’ by Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley is known primarily for writing Frankenstein. Many even believe it was the only book she wrote. But she created a number of other works; including historical novels, travel diaries, poetry, biographies and political books. In this post, I’d like to focus on one of her novellas: Matilda. Written under a particularly tough timeFortsätt läsa ”A book too shocking for its time: ‘Matilda’ by Mary Shelley”

Excerpt from chapter eight: Fighting evil

Much of chapter eight deals with the issue of violence and when it is proper to use it. But it is not only a question of when but also why. Violence born out of hatred is not the same as violence used to defend oneself and the ones we love. ”Deshi, never let hate andFortsätt läsa ”Excerpt from chapter eight: Fighting evil”

Excerpt from chapter seven: Where is the Goddess?

Much of the seventh chapter is a dialogue between the sage and the protagonist, who at this point in the story has become an ascetic monk. The later is perplexed as to why his friend enjoys things in this world while knowing that none of them are the source of true happiness and contentment. TheFortsätt läsa ”Excerpt from chapter seven: Where is the Goddess?”

It is done!

The novella is officially finished. I just wrote down the last sentence a few minutes ago. Now all that remains to do before I release it is editing and finishing the ebook cover design. I might publish a print version too, eventually. I just need to look through different self-publication alternatives and redo the formattingFortsätt läsa ”It is done!”