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Gender in the soul

I was reading an interesting article on the other day. It’s about the transmasculine body in horror fiction and what it reveals about society’s fears about transmasculine people. It delves particularly into Hereditary, my personal favourite horror movie and which I consider nothing less than a masterpiece. But the part that got me thinkingFortsätt läsa ”Gender in the soul”

The soul and the soul alone

I’ve been returning a lot lately to the great well of wisdom that is Hindu scripture. It’s something I do when I’m going through rough times or just not quite feeling like myself. To return to these books is a reminder to focus once more on the true self, which is beyond all race, physicalFortsätt läsa ”The soul and the soul alone”

Excerpt from chapter six – To whom does the soul belong?

*Trigger Warning: mention of violence and sexual abuse.* Chapter six is the longest chapter in Last Words of The Sage. Here the protagonist deals with several dilemmas, including whose side he should chose in a war where both sides are committing acts of great evil: “But I am once again feeling lost, dear friend. ForFortsätt läsa ”Excerpt from chapter six – To whom does the soul belong?”