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Kom igång

Lunch at Madame Lyn

Not much happening today. My tachycardia is acting up so we’ve mostly been staying at the hotel. We did go on a short trip to the Palladium shopping mall and had lunch at a popular Vietnamese restaurant called Madame Lyn. The food was amazing and the virgin Mojito I had was the best I’ve everFortsätt läsa ”Lunch at Madame Lyn”


Found at the top of the Harfa shopping mall in Prague. Some of them move: I thought I’d gotten the T-rex moving and roaring on camera but turns out my phone wasn’t recording. Disappointing since that was the coolest thing in the park.

This year’s travel and climate compensation

This coming Thursday, I’ll do something I haven’t been able to do for over 1,5 years: travel out of the country. I’ll be visiting Prague, which I find particularly exciting since I’ve never been to the Czech Republic before. Booking the trip was a very spur-of-the-moment thing when hanging out with a friend. We didFortsätt läsa ”This year’s travel and climate compensation”