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Hellenic symbolism in Lil Nas X ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’

Few music videos have stirred up more controversies in recent years than Lil Nas X latest. The plot features the singer being tempted by a snake in a garden, riding a stripper pole down to hell and giving Satan a lap dance (among other things).

Much of the outrage as being coming from fundamentalist Christians, who have feeling persecuted by the existence of non-Christians and LGBTQ+ people as one of their favorite hobbies. I’ve been amused by the reactions of the devotees of Yahweh to this art piece of a video and like many it’s the reason I looked it up in the first place. No such thing as bad publicity, as they say.

Now I’ve come to like this video even more after I learned it’s full of symbolism from the Hellenic faith. If that is because Lil Nas X himself follows that religion and is still in what we call ”the broom closet” or if he just appreciates it in a purely artistic way is not something I will speculate on. Either way, I find it awesome.

Aliakai, a Hellenic YouTuber, has made a video on the subject:


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