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I finally had my gallbladder removed yesterday and the operation went well. I wasn’t particularly nervous prior to it since I’ve had a number of health issues through my life that have required surgery, and I know the routine pretty well by now.

The only thing that worried me was whether I was going to experience the horrible nausea I’ve had in the past after waking up. But luckily, I was spared from it this time. When I opened my eyes in the waking-up room, or whatever it’s called in Enlgish, all I felt was a great calm and serenity. It was actually a pleasant experience to be spared for a few hours of the constant racing of my ADHD mind and it gave me a mental clarity which allowed me to look at my life, what’s wrong with it and what I need to do about it.

I spent a total of eight hours in the waking-up room because my body doesn’t react normally to anesthesia and I was just too weak and tired to get up. That’s a lot of time to think and when I was finally able to leave, I had a renewed plan for my life.

The first thing I need to deal with before anything else is getting healthier. For the last two years, after a prior surgery, I’ve been putting on more and more weight. I have been eating too much of the wrong foods and not exercising like I used to. Despite feeling the negative effect it had on my mental and physical well-being, I’ve kept putting off doing something about it. Talking with the surgeon yesterday post-op was a wake-up call. He informed me that I have a dangerous amount of abdominal fat and need to start leading a healthier lifestyle.

It’s clear to me now that the next step in my spiritual journey is taking care of the vessel that carries my soul. I wasn’t born with the healthiest body and I’ve spend a lot of my life trying to ignore its existence and the pain it gives me. But it’s clear to me now that I need to ‘wake-up’ inside of it.

My focus in the near future will be getting more exercise and eating a healthier diet. Only when I’ve learned to take care of my body will I be able to move towards my next goals.


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